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Having the foresight to see the increase in demand for services and consultancy in the area, a group of experienced mariners decided to step in.


Bunker Quantity Surveys (BQS)

Bunkers are the major operational expenses for a ship and correct quantities play a major role.

Our experienced bunker fuel surveyors specialize in getting our clients the correct quantity that they pay for.

Our surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels and issue detailed reports to confirm fuel quantity and quality.

These reports help clients support bunker shortage and or quality disputes.

The surveys fall into the following categories:

  • • Standard Bunker Quantity Survey
    To ensure correct quantity is delivered / received. Our Surveyor is in attendance from start to finish.
  • • On Hire / Off Hire Surveys
    Accurate measurement of owners / charterers bunkers onboard the vessel at the time of delivery / redelivery to concerned parties.
  • • Spot Checks
    Surprise checks on board vessel, barge or storage facility to check ROBs or stock.
  • • Quantity Discrepancy Investigation and Bunker Detective Surveys
    Investigations conducted for fact finding on actual shortage versus claims as well as to recover bunkers stashed/hidden due to malpractices.

Our experienced staff offer their services for repair supervision.

Our knowledge, experience and good relations with shipyards and repair companies enable us to give our clients prompt reports which help them in making efficient and cost saving decisions with regard to their ships.

We can be your eyes for hull, machinery, piping and systems repairs on board your ship or site.

SMV Maritime have consultants with extensive experience from the shipping industry, mainly from Oil, Chemical & Gas tankers and Bulk Carriers.

We are actively involved in assisting various P&I Clubs, Shipping Company owners and Underwriters in carrying out root cause analysis investigations related to collisions, groundings, cargo contamination, hull and machinery damage, ship building and ship repair disputes.

Using a combination of first-class marine engineers and experienced master mariners, we are also conducting P&I entry surveys on behalf of various Clubs.

We are authorized by the Port of Fujairah & Dubai EHS for safety assessment and issuance of hot work and gas free certificates on all kinds of vessels/sites for repair and tank entry purposes.

Our Surveyors are highly skilled marine professionals with long track records in the Marine, Transportation and Insurance Industries, working at sea and ashore.

We can provide sound advice on value, condition and repair cost and duration estimates to buyers.

We offer advice prior to the survey and after a survey.

We understand the importance of On-Hire / Off-Hire condition surveys for a client when chartering a vessel and we ensure that the correct information on the condition of the vessel and work required in respect of the Charter Party is presented to the client to limit their liability on completion of the charter.

Hence it is in the interest of the Client to get an independent survey carried out on their behalf which will then be used as evidence for their liabilities for the Charter period.

Our survey report will include a detailed description of a vessel’s cargo spaces/deck areas structural condition, cargo space cleanliness, bunkers on board, listing of the vessel’s statutory certificates, portable securing equipment, etc...

Draft surveys are made in order to determine the quantity of cargo loaded, carried and discharged.

Our experienced and highly qualified professionals measure the vessel's draft and calculate its displacement prior loading a cargo and after loading of the cargo, taking variables such as weight lightship, ballast water, fuel and stores into account.

Corrections to the draft readings and its initial corresponding stability values and parameters are applied and an accurate draft survey calculation is made.

Steel is a high-value cargo, a cargo easily damaged by rough handling, water and moisture.

Its weight presents substantial challenges with stowage and securing. Incorrect stowage can lead to hull and cargo damage.

Damage can occur during bad weather, when hatch covers leak, when cargo moves or when incorrect ventilation procedures are followed.

Damage can also occur before loading while the cargo is in storage or in transit from the mill to the ship.

Our experienced surveyors monitor the entire operation of preloading to check the condition of finished steel before loading to ensure that bills of lading are correctly endorsed with full details of any such damage.

Tank cleaning is a highly specialist line of business that requires broad know-how of both tankers and cleaning products, as well as of the products/substances that are shipped in the tanker.

In the shipping trade, time is an all-decisive and costly factor.

Tankers need to be cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The cleaning procedure in itself must also take up as little time as possible.

Our supervisors backed with long years of experience in the oil and chemical trade on board vessels can help guide ship owners and ship staff/shore contractors to achieve effective results in preparing vessel tanks for their next charter.

SMV Maritime have consultants with extensive experience from the shipping industry, mainly from Oil, Chemical, Gas and Bulk Carriers and can assist Shipping Companies in areas such as (not limited to):

  • • Implement Risk Assessment Systems
  • • Perform Incident Investigations and Root Cause Analysis
  • • Perform Navigational Audits
  • • Company specific demands

We carry out Real Time Sailing Audits.

About Us

"We believe in being task specific and focus on quality as an integral part."

SMV Maritime is a first of a kind company, which provides technical solutions to clients in the maritime sector. Our core competence lies in an experienced team from various sea going and shore backgrounds. We understand the various needs of our clients and provide tailor made solutions to them so as to increase their operational efficiency and minimize their costs and exposure in the world of commercial operations.

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Quality Policy

We at SMV Maritime are committed to:

  1. Provide quality inspections, maintenance, surveys, technical supervision, trainings and repairs as per customer requirements and industry standards.
  2. Provide the customer with a factual and quality report for the above within the agreed time frame.
  3. Overall growth of the organization and its personnel.
  4. SMV Maritime will follow all statutory and regulatory norms as set forth by the National Law.

We at SMV Maritime shall strive for continual improvement by implementing and maintaining the ISO 9001 QMS standard to the satisfaction of our customer.


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